Conférenciers et intervenants

Conférenciers / Guest speakers

From Language policy to Classroom Practice: Creating linguistically inclusive schools and classrooms

Eowyn Crisfield , PhD 

Eowyn Crisfield is a Canadian-educated specialist (BA TEFL, MA Applied Linguistics, PhD) in teaching English as a second/foreign language, teacher-training and bilingualism. Since 2003, she has specialised in the area of parent and teacher education for bilingualism. Eowyn is an accredited educational consultant based in Oxford, and works with schools internationally. She is author of Bilingual Families: A practical language planning guide (2021). She is also a Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Oxford Brookes University.

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The (Forgotten) Role of Language in DEIJ  Work

Esther Bettney Heidt, PhD  

Originally from Canada, Dr. Esther Bettney Heidt has been involved in international education for the  past 17 years as a classroom teacher, school administrator, teacher educator, and educational researcher.  As an independent consultant, she draws on her professional experience and educational training to  support international schools in developing and sustaining equitable approaches to multilingual  education. She is based in Medellín, Colombia and provides virtual and in-person consulting services for  international schools around the globe. 

Esther completed her PhD in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.S.A.), with a focus  on bilingual education. For her dissertation, she conducted a case study at an international school in  Colombia where she engaged in collaborative research with school faculty and students as they engaged  with innovative approaches to multilingual education. During her PhD, she worked with the WIDA  International Program for 3 years, engaging in various research projects and developing and facilitating  professional learning for international schools. 

Esther teaches graduate courses on various topics in education, including educational research methods,  recent developments in international schools and multilingual education for Queen’s University (Canada)  and SUNY-Buffalo (U.S.A.). She is an active contributor to practitioner and academic publications and  conferences, demonstrating her engagement with theory, research and practice in support of multilingual  students, educators and schools

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Supporting ELLs: What to do and FAQs Inclusive Support for ELLs

Perla Banegas, coordinateur

Dallas International School

Réfléchir sur le pilotage et la mise en place d’un département EI au sein des EFE en s’appuyant sur la démarche Qualinclus. Exemple d’implémentation à DIS

Brice Flaquiere, Inclusive Education Coordinator

Dallas International School

La transition écologique au sein du réseau mlf america

Olivier Logette, enseignant à mission de valorisation des initiatives de transition écologique