Bienvenue à l’Ecole Bilingue de la Nouvelle Orléans !

Ce regroupement se déroulera à la Nouvelle Orléans du 25 au 27 avril 2018.

Cette année, nous vous proposons un programme inter-degrés, primaire et secondaire.


L’enseignement en contexte  plurilingue (Charles Brasart)

  • Le Bilinguisme et l’alternance codique, séquentielle

Intervention de Charles Brasart, Maître de Conférences Université de Nantes

  • Le suivi des personnels nouvellement arrivés
  • Mise en oeuvre et pratique pédagogique

Les Neurosciences éducatives (Pascale Toscani)

  • Les conditions propices à l’apprentissage mis en évidence par les travaux de recherche

Intervention de Pascale Toscani, Docteur en psychologie cognitive – Neurosciences éducatives

  • Les ressources locales : Parts of the student Brain (Center for transformative Teaching and Learning)
  • Mise en oeuvre et pratique pédagogique

Collaboration et Inclusion (Sylvain Connac)

  • Collaborer activement en classe  (C3-Collège-Lycée)

Intervention de Sylvain Connac, Maître de conférence, Université de Montpellier

  • Les ressources locales (Canada – US)
  • Mise en oeuvre et pratique pédagogique

Différenciation  et rétroaction au secondaire (Intervenant en présentiel)

  • Mise en oeuvre et pratique pédagogique
  • Les ressources locales (Canada – US)


Des temps de travail sont prévus sur l’organisation du réseau Mlf America pour la rentrée 2018 .

  • FORUM Pédagogique,
  • Classes Culturelles Numériques,
  • Formations qualifiantes premier degré,
  • Plan triennal,
  • Formation webradio,
  • Diplôme Bilingue Avancé du Baccalauréat International,
  • Missions d’accompagnement second degré.
Dear MLF Conference participants,
Ecole Bilingue de la NouvelleOrléans is excited to be hosting the MLF Conference again this April.
In order to make your stay more comfortable, we have blocked off rooms at three hotels (Best Western, Hampton Inn, and Hotel Indigo), all of which are located along the St. Charles streetcar line, with easy access to both the school and the French Quarter.
I would also like to point out that the weekend following the conference will be the first weekend of Jazz Fest. If you are interested in experiencing one of New Orleans biggest events, you will have the option to extend your stay at Hotel Indigo or Best Western at the discounted rate for conference participants.
As Jazz Fest is a period of high demand for hotels, please book your room as soon as possible. Within the next couple of months, the hotels will begin reducing the number of rooms blocked off for the conference. If you do not book well in advance, there is no guarantee that you will find lodging anywhere in the city, during this time. 
If you plan to extend your stay into the weekend, you will need to stay the entire weekend in order to receive the group rate.

Hotel Indigo:
Rate: $169.00 + tax per night
 Reservations can be made by calling the central reservations line (1-877-394-5763) and giving the reservations agent either the block name (EBC) or block code (Ecole Bilingue Conference) or with the booking link below:
 Please note that when using the link, the date defaults to the current date so it will need to be changed in order to show the contracted rate. Guests wishing to book the Friday and Saturday following the conference may contact Nicki Funk at the hotel in order to get those 2 nights added to the reservation at the contracted rate. Her direct line is 504-648-2878.

Best Western:

Conference rate: $169.00 + tax per night
Friday/Saturday rate: $296.10 + tax per night
 Reservations can be made online:

Hampton Inn – Garden District:
Rate: $149.00 + tax per night (no group rate is available over the weekend)
 Reservations are made by calling 504-899-9990 and requesting the MLF Conference group rate (coded MLF in the reservations computer) and the dates or online at the link below:

A venir…